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3 years ago
another 35 spammers deleted!
3 years ago
Hall of fame with updated 2016 stats now in the download section
3 years ago
Interleague 2017 Fixtures now in the downloads section
3 years ago
Another 35 spammers deleted!!
3 years ago
45 spammers banned in last 3 days!!
3 years ago
Some historical photos uploded! see gallery for photos
3 years ago
Another 29 spammers banned!
4 years ago
SCPA AGM is on December 10th, Midday, at the Woodbridge Hill Working mens club in Guildford.
4 years ago
Congratulations on our Senior team winning the R7 title today!
4 years ago
7 spammers banned since turning on New member approval by Admin..

Shoutbox Archive

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Safeway January 20 2016 18:24:56
no posts are software update has a few issues that are being worked on by the developers.
Sass January 19 2016 13:22:56
At least not until hours after I make them. Very odd. Are they being censored before appearing now?
Sass January 19 2016 13:21:30
My posts don't appear in the forums. Maybe that's a good thing?!
Safeway January 14 2016 19:56:01
Seems to be issues with the new 'themes' with the new update that they are working on..
Odd Job January 12 2016 13:12:10
I never had a problem before using my phone that's all lol
Safeway January 08 2016 18:48:25
I need to contact the forum software developers.seems to be a few glitches in this recent update!
Gomez January 08 2016 15:14:37
Connor, I can't use the site from my phone either
Odd Job January 06 2016 20:26:15
Trying to access the forums, but it's not showing them, could it be as I'm reading the website of my phone?
Sass January 06 2016 10:22:32
Yes it rendered my password which I've used on this site since its inception as unsuitable
Safeway December 31 2015 10:53:28
Will be playing about with new software settings over the next week or so. So please be patient whilst I tweak things visually.
Safeway December 30 2015 23:07:33
As you can see, there has been a new software version implemented today..
Safeway December 24 2015 17:40:24
Merry Christmas Everyone!! :-)
blockapocket December 24 2015 11:36:32
Wishing everyone a merry Christmas.
Safeway December 11 2015 19:13:09
Final Interleague standings uploaded to the download section
Safeway December 09 2015 20:00:17
2016 World Championship Qualifier form now in downloads section
Safeway December 05 2015 11:01:24
Interleague table and stats uploaded
Safeway December 02 2015 22:03:01
Under 23 2016 singles championship form now in downloads section.
Safeway December 02 2015 20:38:21
County trials date will be set at the AGM on 13th December
Safeway November 30 2015 17:34:20
EPA 2016 Northern Tour form now in downloads section
Safeway November 14 2015 18:58:23
Hall of fame updated with 2015 stats uploaded to download section.
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