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3 years ago
another 35 spammers deleted!
3 years ago
Hall of fame with updated 2016 stats now in the download section
3 years ago
Interleague 2017 Fixtures now in the downloads section
3 years ago
Another 35 spammers deleted!!
3 years ago
45 spammers banned in last 3 days!!
3 years ago
Some historical photos uploded! see gallery for photos
3 years ago
Another 29 spammers banned!
4 years ago
SCPA AGM is on December 10th, Midday, at the Woodbridge Hill Working mens club in Guildford.
4 years ago
Congratulations on our Senior team winning the R7 title today!
4 years ago
7 spammers banned since turning on New member approval by Admin..

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Gomez November 04 2015 18:27:48
Anybody travelling to CoC Friday evening?
Safeway November 01 2015 16:44:57
Surrey C team Crowned Regional champs! Congratulations!!
Gomez October 22 2015 09:05:29
Thanks Kev, confirm working.
Safeway October 21 2015 22:17:22
Allan Gomez is now an Admin on the site..
Safeway August 28 2015 18:28:26
Forum now visable for guests to read, but cannot post.
Safeway July 30 2015 21:44:15
Max, only if settings are set so all new accounts have to be manually approved.
max July 28 2015 13:40:52
Isn't there a way of preventing all the spam accounts being created?
Safeway July 18 2015 21:46:22
Region 7 Grand Prix entry form now available in the download section!
Safeway July 18 2015 19:57:19
Sorry for the spammer earlier..wasn't there this morning
Safeway July 15 2015 21:32:46
lol tony
Tornado July 10 2015 10:33:57
Thats no way to treat West Ham fans
Safeway July 08 2015 21:56:54
Another 5 spammers banned!
Safeway June 30 2015 18:37:04
Hope knocked out of world semi final..lost 10-7
Gomez June 30 2015 15:34:51
Can someonw watching Mike post score updates please
Gomez June 26 2015 08:27:59
Hope through to world quarters. Next up Harrison. Good luck!
Safeway May 20 2015 22:18:01
Items for sale category added. Pool / snooker items only!
Safeway May 05 2015 22:59:23
World Masters Direct entry form uploaded to the downloads section
Safeway May 05 2015 22:58:43
Interleague tables and stats after match day 3 updated in the downloads section..
Safeway April 23 2015 20:03:32
New interleague fixture list ( revised date for team ko )
Safeway April 04 2015 16:50:09
Max, try and post an image link now mate
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