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3 years ago
another 35 spammers deleted!
3 years ago
Hall of fame with updated 2016 stats now in the download section
3 years ago
Interleague 2017 Fixtures now in the downloads section
3 years ago
Another 35 spammers deleted!!
3 years ago
45 spammers banned in last 3 days!!
3 years ago
Some historical photos uploded! see gallery for photos
3 years ago
Another 29 spammers banned!
4 years ago
SCPA AGM is on December 10th, Midday, at the Woodbridge Hill Working mens club in Guildford.
4 years ago
Congratulations on our Senior team winning the R7 title today!
4 years ago
7 spammers banned since turning on New member approval by Admin..

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Safeway March 22 2015 11:27:38
Turned it off now Max..missed that one out. each thread has to be disabled separately
max March 21 2015 22:50:15
Region 7 thread. 3 posts that should have been separate all got merged into one.
Safeway March 21 2015 17:09:57
Max..what forum section?
max March 20 2015 11:47:45
Merged posts!!!! Turn that off?
Safeway March 11 2015 18:50:50
Another 2 'Members' Banded..blooming spammers!
Cally March 03 2015 13:58:24
Want to know your County stats since 2005 up to end 2014?? Hall of Fame now available in downloads
Safeway March 01 2015 14:39:25
Region 7 has done well in GY this weekend!
Blondebottle March 01 2015 11:50:14
Tom Kennedy qualified for the England squad!
Safeway February 28 2015 19:54:41
Allan, ive just turned it off for the invite section..must of missed it when I did the rest.
Gomez February 28 2015 09:21:00
Did the same thing to Sarah's invite replies
max February 24 2015 07:48:24
By the 4th time I was pretty sure yes! Maybe just a glitch.
Safeway February 24 2015 00:32:32
Strange as there isnt a merge post function..sure you didnt hit the edit button? Lol
max February 23 2015 12:03:51
yes after other people had post things. it only happened after a previous post from me. instead of appearing as a 2nd post it kept merging into the first one. it was on my phone not on computer. maybe
Safeway February 23 2015 11:43:39
Strange..not come across that before..i see you have posted in there fine since.
max February 23 2015 11:31:12
last night I was trying to comment under the Surrey vs London thread. It wouldn't come up as a new post, it kept merging with the first post, which then didn't make any sense.
Safeway February 23 2015 11:13:06
what post are you talking about Max?
max February 22 2015 20:34:11
You can't post under your last post on a thread. It automatically merges them. Thread is really long and narrow on the screen as well
Safeway January 13 2015 18:04:42
testing testing!
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